Sponsoriseur Or pour l'Ohio Stormwater Conference

The Ohio Stormwater Conference is an annual conference dedicated to advance the knowledge and understanding of comprehensive stormwater management for those dealing in all aspects of planning, design, implementation and regulatory compliance. The 2020 Conference is the 13th Annual Ohio Stormwater Conference and is being held virtually due to Covid-19. The conference will provide updates on environmental issues, new technologies, regulatory information and pollution prevention. The 2020 Ohio Stormwater Conference is a great opportunity to strengthen your skills and knowledge in an intensive workshop setting with other colleagues.


La Fédération Environnementale de l’Eau est une organisation technique et éducative à but non lucrative. Des associations représentant des professionnels dans le domaine de la qualité de l’eau à travers le monde. WEF et ses associations-membre travaillent fièrement pour atteindre leur objectif de préserver et améliorer l’environnement de l’eau global.

Réseau environnement

RÉSEAU environnement est un organisme à but non lucratif issu de la fusion de deux associations créées il y a plus de 45 ans. L'Association compte plus de 2000 membres, 400 entreprises, 200 municipalités, ainsi qu'une vingtaine d'organismes gouvernementaux et parapublics. La mission de l’Association est de regrouper des spécialistes de l’environnement, des gens d’affaires, des municipalités et des industries du Québec afin d’assurer, dans une perspective de développement durable, l’avancement des technologies et de la science, la promotion des expertises et le soutien des activités en environnement.


L'ACEPU est un organisme national sans but lucratif représentant les intérêts communs des services municipaux d'aqueduc et d'égout dans le secteur public du Canada et de leurs fournisseurs et partenaires du secteur privé. Le gouvernement fédéral et les organismes nationaux reconnaissent l’AOEPW comme la voix nationale de ce secteur des services publics. Une organisation canadienne. L'association qui s'occupe des problèmes d’eau et d’eaux usées au niveau national. Fondée en 1986 par des responsables municipaux canadiens de l’eau et des eaux usées et par la Fédération canadienne des municipalités.


L’Association d’Environnement d’Eau de New-York est une organisation éducative à but non-lucratif fondée par des professionnels en 1929 dans le domaine de la qualité de l'eau comme organisation éducative à but non lucratif. Les associations membres ont aidé à mener la voie vers les programmes nationaux et d’états de l’eau propre maintenant existants. Aujourd'hui, l'association compte plus de 2500 membres représentant divers horizons et spécialités, mais tous sont concernés et impliqués dans la protection et l'amélioration de nos précieuses ressources en eau.


L’Association d’Environnement d’Eau de l’Ontario sera l’organisme prééminent pour les individus professionnels et techniques dédiés à la préservation et l’amélioration de l’environnement de l’eau de l’Ontario. Elle offre des services de haute qualité, promet et rend l’industrie de l’environnement de l’eau meilleur; court un forum qui concerne l’avancement de l’éducation, affaires, ainsi que l’avancement social et professionnel pour la communication entre les membres. Elle profite à la société en renforçant la connaissance du public et en promouvant une politique public saine.


The Ontario Pollution Control Equipment Association comprises over 170 firms engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of environmental and related equipment in Ontario. This site lists all the OPCEA members as well as the products, equipment and services provided by each company. Our association is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting member companies in the promotion of their equipment and services to the pollution control market sector of Ontario. Originally founded in 1970 under the name Ontario Sanitation Equipment Association, the OPCEA has since grown to over 170 member companies whose fields encompass a broad spectrum of equipment and services for the air and water pollution control marketplace.


The New England Water Environment Association is a dynamic organization of over 2100 highly qualified and motivated water and wastewater professionals located throughout New England, who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise in order to preserve, protect, and manage one of our most precious resources here in New England, our water environment. Our members contribute to “the friendly exchange of information and experience.” As a volunteer organization, we exist solely because of the involvement and contribution of each member.

OneWater Ohio

One Water Ohio is a joint effort between Ohio Water Environment Association and the Ohio Section of the American Water Works Association to hold training events for Ohio's Water Professionals. One Water Ohio holds a four day technical conference in the summer for 1,600+ attendees and 200+ exhibitors as well as a one day Government & Regulatory Affairs Workshop each March.


For decades, public perception of our profession has (literally) been down the toilet. Isn't it time we cleared up this messy misperception? THIS is the Clean Water Movement. We're taking back our purpose and cleaning up our reputation. What we do in the water environment field can be explained with three principles.


Historically, GAWP began working in 1932 on drinking water treatment education and training. Since then, GAWP has expanded to address wastewater treatment, water resources and stormwater management, water conservation, utility management and customer service, and the broad realm of activities required to responsibly manage Georgia water resources. In addition, the Association has increased the scope of its activities and the depth of its involvement, becoming a prominent and authoritative source of information on water-related issues to the General Assembly and If you are not an active member, we encourage and invite you to consider joining others who have decided to be a part of this preeminent environmental association. If you are an active member, we appreciate your continued support and welcome your input.


CWEA empowers wastewater professionals as they protect California’s most critical resource: water. Our community of 10,000+ professionals represent all facets of wastewater management and resource recovery, from operators to lab techs to engineers. Founded in 1928, CWEA proudly unites professionals from throughout the state. We address real-time issues, develop and deliver cutting-edge training, raise awareness of the profession and shape the future of wastewater.

California P3S

Next year in Anaheim, CWEA’s Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater (P3S) Community will gather to ignite the torch of leadership and mentorship within our profession. “The central theme for this year’s conference is “Igniting the Torch.” Leadership and mentorship are essential in achieving ambitious objectives, whether it is conducting inspections or safeguarding coastal waters. Every goal requires the expertise of trained professionals who must be nurtured, guided, and continually educated,” noted P3S Committee Chair Edwin Alonzo, Town of Apply Valley. The 51st annual P3S Conference promises to be one of our largest and most exciting. Learn what’s new, share what you’re experiencing, and get connected to a strong and supportive community. We’ll be in the heart of sunny Orange County at the Delta Hotels Anaheim, a location that can’t be beat.


Since 1985, the Tri-State Seminar, LLC (TSS) has been providing affordable, high-quality education to water and wastewater professionals from the western United States through our annual three-day seminar. The seminar is designed to provide continuing education, professional development, and technology transfer to support the mission and vision of our Member Associations; AZ Water Association (AZ Water), California Water Environment Association (CWEA), and the Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA).


Education is at the forefront of WEFTEC, delivering everything you need to know about water quality. With nearly 150 interactive and engaging educational sessions and 17 hands-on workshops, you can immerse yourself in the topics that matter to you, and learn practical skills, techniques, and best practices to apply directly to your job.


The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. Our membership includes over 4,300 utilities that supply roughly 80 percent of the nation’s drinking water and treat almost half of the nation’s wastewater. Our 51,000 total members represent the full spectrum of the water community: public water and wastewater systems, environmental advocates, scientists, academicians, and others who hold a genuine interest in water, our most important resource. AWWA also takes great pride in helping establish three preeminent organizations dedicated to safe water, the Water Research Foundation in 1966, Water For People in 1991 and Water Equation in 2015. AWWA unites the diverse water community to advance public health, safety, the economy, the water workforce and the environment.